Tweed Herringbone Open Cape Poncho


For Fall 2021, we focused on what women want to wear and how they want to feel. Reinterpreting English luxury with an American twist through textiles and silhouettes that are grounded in simplicity and ease. Timeless pieces that transcend the seasons in beautiful materials, elegant lengths, and relaxed volume. Elegant layers and prints provide the foundation for women to make endless outfit combinations. The Herringbone print exudes English luxury and timelessness. Easy layering to take you through the seasons, the open cape poncho can be worn with a belt over jeans or with our matching flare pants or princess skirt.

  • Tweed Herringbone print
  • Open Cape Poncho with Silver Acorn Trim
  • 100% Cotton
  • Wash cool with delicates. Hang dry. Do not iron. Steam as necessary.
  • Model is 5 ' 9" (175 cm) 

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