Due to the continued Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza, we are donating 20% of all sales from our store to help the children in Gaza. For every $100 spent we will donate $20 to (PCRF) PALESTINE CHILDREN'S RELIEF FUND to provide medical care to the over 1 million children in Gaza. You will see the total amount donated per item at checkout and you will receive an email confirmation for tax purposes through the SHOPPING GIVES platform. You can also donate directly on their website at www.pcrf.net.

The One Million Children of Gaza live in a continuous humanitarian crisis, with no clean water, little electricity, poor health services, and food insecurity.  For 30 years, PCRF has been on the ground providing a variety of direct humanitarian aid programs for thousands of sick and injured children in the enclave. These include sending hundreds of injured and sick kids abroad for free medical care, sponsoring hundreds of international volunteer doctors and nurses to go there each year to treat children and train local doctors, building Gaza's first and only pediatric oncology department, and running several different humanitarian programs and projects on the ground.