Sorry for the mess!

It's been a wild ride navigating the fashion world. A few short months ago, when I began this journey, I didn't anticipate the kind of hurdles a new business would face. It's been an extremely frustrating trying to navigate all the behind the scenes work it takes to produce an entire fashion line. 

From an initial line of 10 complete pieces, I only have 1 that meets my quality and standards. I am not going to hold myself to artificial deadlines and rush to bring something out that isn't 100 percent to my liking. That is the best part of working by myself. I can take my time to ensure the quality and tailoring of every single piece of clothing. 

Each design goes through a minimum of 3 samples each time making changes here and there. The garments are tested for durability and versatility and utmost attention is paid to detail. My commitment to you is to bring high quality designer garments to your wardrobe at unbeatable prices.

I searched the fabric markets for beautiful prints and texture that are breathable and not see through. Next, I made sure my designs would flatter all body types and cover your most desired areas. Then, the hard work began.

Expert tailoring was indeed the most difficult part and most important part of the process. Presentation is everything and any minor flaws in the sample were sent back. I also wanted to ensure consistency. I sent out samples to be made at various production studios from New York to Sri Lanka to Dubai to have accurate comparisons of workmanship. I needed guarantees that each and every piece would look and feel custom tailored.

I am proud to say that I learned a whole lot during this process. Although, not having all my pieces ready in time is a bit disheartening, I am confident that when the collection is complete, you will love it as much as I do.

Thank you for your support and patience!